January 2011
Muscle Car Legends
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The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania is now showing the sensational Muscle Car Legends theme display through until March 30th 2011. This diverse collection features cars produced by Ford, General Motors and Chrysler.

Chrysler Australia's first foray into Muscle cars started with the introduction of the Valiant Pacer in 1969. The VG model arrived in 1970 powered by a high-performance, two-barrel version of the new Australian made 245 cu.in (4.0-litre), six-cylinder Hemi engine. The example featured in the museum display has travelled only 70 000 original miles. (112 000 km)

One of the fastest muscle cars ever produced in Australia grew out of the Pacer. The sensational E49 Charger was at the time the fastest accelerating production car ever built in this country. The car on display is one of only 21 big tank E49's built and is in completely original condition having covered 29,000 miles from new. (46 400 km)

General Motors dominated touring car racing in Australia for a period during the 1970's with the A9X Torana. The A9X was a purpose built car designed to homologate components for the annual endurance race at Bathurst. The car featured on display has a unique history as a prototype car used extensively in testing during the development of the A9X.

The second generation Z28 Camaro is perhaps best remembered by many people in Australia by Kevin Bartlett's car competing at Bathurst where it spectacularly rolled on the mountain. The 1979 Z28 Camaro on display is presented in stunning Daytona Blue.

The Pontiac GTO is widely considered to be the first true muscle car. Pontiac saw the potential for dropping a big block engine into an intermediate chassis and marketing it at a budget price. The car proved to be a huge sales success and the 1965 GTO on display is a timely reminder of this pioneering model.

The XY GTHO (Phase 3) Falcon is the undisputed king of Australian Muscle Cars. The Falcon GT was unashamedly built for one specific purpose, to lap Mount Panorama at Bathurst quicker than anything Holden or Chrysler could produce. The Phase 3 on display is a fitting centerpiece to the exhibition.

Many of the components on the Phase 3 were borrowed from Fords American muscle car icon, the Mustang. The 1969 Mach 1 428 Super Cobra Mustang on display is a stunning example of the model direct from a museum in the USA.

The Ford Capri was fitted with a range of different engines, but it was in South Africa where its true muscle car potential was realised. The Capri Perana V8 was available from all South African Ford dealers with a full Ford warranty. Cars were built at the Ford plant in Port Elizabeth and were shipped minus engines and gearboxes to Basil Green Motors where the manufacture was completed. A beautiful example of these unique vehicles is included in the display.

The Muscle Car genre has created many iconic cars, and through these cars many drivers have built their own legend around them.

Re-live the Muscle Car Legends today only at The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania 86 Cimitiere st. Launceston.