Motorcade of Memories: The Family Car

The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania's feature floor has been transformed in spectacular style once more. Paying tribute to an often overlooked - though enormously significant - area of our motoring heritage. Motorcade of Memories: The Family Car will delight visitors of all ages with an exceptional display of cars dating from the early twentieth century right through to the 1970s.

A standard Australian family is represented through the vehicles that they owned throughout several generations, each of them offering a unique look at our automotive culture. We start with the Great Grandfather's car, the iconic Model T Ford.

Henry Ford was a towering icon of the industrial world in the early twentieth century, a man whose desire to put the world on wheels led to the Model T Ford. By the time production ended in 1927, over fifteen million examples had been built using Ford's revolutionary mass production techniques. The vehicle on display dates from 1916, and features the rare 'centerdor' body style. It is a beautifully presented example which epitomises the veteran era.

Moving forward, our typical family car used by 'Nan and Pop' is a 1934 Chevrolet Sedan. The Chevrolet is a typically stylish pre-war American design in original condition, and a fine example of the vehicles which once populated Australian roads.

After the Second World War, the success of home-grown manufacturers resulted in a gradual transformation of Australian street scenes. Our typical Mum and Dad from the period were well catered for, as Holden became a major player in the local market. The FJ Holden remains perhaps the most iconic Australian car of all time. A 1956 model features in our display in superb condition, alongside an original 1962 EK Holden Special which has travelled only 98000 miles (157000 km.) from new.

Due to the post-war export drive, British cars became a far more common sight on Australian roads throughout the 1950's and 1960's. The 1962 Vauxhall Cresta PA on display is a stylish example of the full-size English family saloon; in the Cresta's instance however, one that was influenced very much by the Americans.

During the 1960's and through the 1970's, the options for affordable, fun motoring became far more prevalent. Our typical 'Kids' cars of the era featured on display have since become sought-after enthusiasts' cars of this era.

An original 1962 Morris Mini Cooper Mk.I and a pristine 1970 MGB Roadster feature alongside an immaculate, unrestored 1974 Holden LH Torana. The Mini was launched in 1959 as a cheap city car, albeit a superbly designed one. However, in Cooper form it proved to be an exceptional rally car, winning the Monte Carlo Rally three times along with countless other events. Today, it remains a much-loved cult car.

In each and every family, there seemed to be one member who had somehow made it in the world; the proverbial 'Rich Uncle'. Many such individuals rewarded themselves with motorcars which remained a distant dream for most. The stunning Jaguar Mk. II was a perfect representation of this; a swift, leather-lined saloon for the discerning motorist. The Mk. II on display was the result of a complete restoration, and has been lightly modified to the owner's personal taste.

Befitting such a display, Motorcade of Memories offers something for each member of the family. Some of the most beloved vehicles of our motoring heritage are exhibited here in a display which promises to bring back many fond memories.