December 2011
Bella Alfa Romeo
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The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania located at 86 Cimitiere Street

Launceston, is showing "Bella Alfa Romeo" as its summer feature theme display, commencing Saturday 17 December 2011.

Anchoring the display will be the beautiful, powerful and priceless 1921 ALFA G1, the only one left in the world, brought over especially for the display, courtesy of Ateco Automotive the importers for Alfa Romeo in Australia.

Despite its age the ALFA G1 was driven on and off the 'Spirit of Tasmania' under its own power, in order to come down to the National Automobile Museum.

"Alfa Romeos, whatever their age, are made to be driven and enjoyed and not wrapped up in cotton wool," explains Andrei Zaitzev, General Manager of Alfa Romeo in Australia.

"This is why our G1 travelled to Tasmania, so it may be displayed in all its glory, and why it is was driven on and off the Spirit of Tasmania. The G1 may be nearly 90 years old, but she still reflects the very essence of Alfa Romeo that people have loved for over a century, exquisite design and performance excellence !"

The history of the last remaining Alfa Romeo G1 is as colourful as the company that give it birth. Chassis 6018 was imported new into Australia in 1921 and was sold, for £850, to a Queensland businessman who, soon afterwards, was declared bankrupt.

Since he had seen his financial crash coming, he hid the car to keep it out of the hands of his creditors. Then, three years on, he had the misfortune to die and the G1 remained hidden for 25 years, apparently holding up one corner of a shed in the Queensland outback.

It is not widely known that Enzo Ferrari also developed his mechanical knowledge and racing passion by working at Alfa Romeo for many years, before leaving to establish his own racing company Scuderia Ferrari.

Most pre and post war Alfa Romeo's are highly sought after by classic car collectors around the world. The company's contemporary cars continue its racing heritage with superbly designed and engineered motor vehicles.

The 'Bella Alfa Romeo' display shows some magnificent examples from both eras and will run at the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania in Cimitiere Street Launceston, until 27th March 2012.