September 2011
The British A Team
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The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania located at 86 Cimitiere street Launceston is currently showing The British A Team as the feature theme display.

This exhibition will run through until the 13th of December.

Featured in this display are vehicles from two notable manufacturers Alvis and Aston Martin.

The Alvis Car and Engineering Co. produced cars between 1920 and 1967. Alvis vehicles were always aimed at the upper end of the market and produced in limited numbers using top quality components.

Before World War II many Alvis cars were extensively and successfully raced, competitive appearances continued throughout the fifties culminating in the marque's popularity in historic competition today.

All Alvis cars are now desirable classics, with an enthusiastic following.

The museum's display features iconic Alvis vehicles, the sensational 1925 12/50, and the 1935 Speed 20.

The 12/50 was the car which really marked the arrival of Alvis as a serious and successful car maker, and it set the standard for the remainder of the company's car production.

The Speed 20 is for many the most desirable Alvis, fast and handsome with tremendous performance and a low purposeful appearance are all hallmarks of the model.

Also featured on display is a 1949 Alvis TA14, a beautiful drophead coupe, featuring coachwork by the firm Carbodies.

The very rare 1965 Alvis TE21 displayed is a beautiful example of one the companies final models, this magnificent car was imported to Australia in 2006 and completed our own Targa Tasmania Rally this year.

Aston Martin despite many ownership changes over the years has survived, all the while creating some of the most charismatic and quintessentially British pre-war and post-war sports cars.

The term "Vantage" was first utilized by Aston Martin in early 1950 to denote a special high performance series engine. From that point on the term "Vantage" has been offered on almost every model as an up-rated power option.

The British A Team features a sensational 1982 V8 Vantage as well as an immaculate 1966 DB6 Vantage that has travelled just 63,000 miles (100,000 kms) since new.

Released in 1958 the Aston Martin DB4 was an instant worldwide success, a year later Aston developed the DB4 GT version. The company then enlisted the Turin based Zagato for the job of lightening and styling the DB4 GT body.

The sensational DBSZ, never seen before in Tasmania, is a modern, hand-crafted interpretation of the legendary Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato. With the improved rear suspension, wider track and larger brakes derived from a DBS donor vehicle.

The DBSZ is a fitting centerpiece to this sensational collection of vehicles.